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“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.”- Jessica Harrelson

The last two weeks we have been busy welcoming new life into the world! On Friday March 19th we assisted Clare, via C-section, with her singleton puppy. Both Clare and the pup are doing great and dad, who is from the UK, is excited from across the pond!

Clare's housemate, Aednat, also welcomed a litter of five yesterday afternoon with a home birth. Mom and puppies are also doing well!

In the very early hours of the morning on March 3rd, we assisted in another C-section for two flat coat retriever puppies! Mom and babies are doing well also.

We enjoy seeing our client's newest family members. Make sure to call us and schedule your new puppy exams, that way they stay up to date on their vaccinations and we get to give them a little love!

Happy Spring!

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