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Poison Prevention Week March 2022: Day 1 Cannabis

Cannabis ingestion by a pet has become one of the most common calls to Poison Control. Cannabis ingestion in pets can be very serious.

Most symptoms of cannabis intoxication are neurological. Pets are often wobbly and uncoordinated, they may become disoriented, and their pupils dilate. Pets will often drool excessively or even vomit; urinary incontinence is a common symptom as well.

Keep any cannabis products in a sealed, pet proof container and up high in a closed cupboard.

If you suspect that your pet has ingested cannabis, call your vet immediately. With toxicity cases, time is critical for treatment, as well as an honest and accurate history! We will not judge you; we just need to know details so that we can treat your pet accordingly.

For more information on cannabis and pets, check out AVMA:

Pet Poison Helpline is also available for pet poison concerns and questions:

Phone: 855-289-0358

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