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One Big Happy Family- and One Hard Working Team!

On Tuesday July 5th WAG brought Cassidy in for an emergency c-section. We are happy to note that Cassidy and her 10 puppies are all healthy and doing well!

At Pacific Northwest Veterinary Hospital, we always do our best to see our active clients and patients with emergencies. Being a locally and independently owned hospital helps give us the ability to take on the large load of emergencies that come through our door. However, one of the reasons we can do this is because of the patience and understanding of our clients. We want to extend a huge “Thank you” to all of you that have been rescheduled or have had to extend your waiting time. We and the emergency cases greatly appreciate it!

The main reason Dr. Allen can do this is because of the dedication of her staff. We may be small, but we are mighty! Often during these emergencies, our staff is left with shortened or no lunches, working well past closing time, and have many exhausting workdays. Without the team members, Dr. Allen would not be able to see the number of emergency cases that she does. However, each of us is here because of our love of vet med!

Your continued patience, and understanding is so appreciated!

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