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February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Pacific Northwest Veterinary Hospital and the AVMA recommend having your pet's teeth checked by your veterinarian at all wellness exams as well has having a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment & Treatment (COHAT) done.

COHATs at PNVH are done using general anesthesia. Using general anesthesia allows for a stress free procedure, keeps your pet and our staff safe and allows for a thorough exam and cleaning.

At the beginning of each COHAT, Dr. Allen takes dental radiographs of your pets entire mouth. Dental radiographs are important for your pets dental health! With most of the tooth below the gum line, a visual exam may show that the crowns appear fine, but like with this patient, radiographs can show a very different story. This patient required multiple procedures, each with multiple tooth extractions. After the radiographs, any extractions are made, if needed, and then your pet's teeth are cleaned.

Pet's are able to go home that same day and typically have a soft food diet for two weeks, when they will also have a follow up exam to ensure they are healing and progressing well.

Head over to our Facebook page to enter our weekly dental drawings! Each Wednesday we post a quiz question, comment your answer and we will draw a winner each Friday.

(Entries are available to active clients only at this time)

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